Wednesday, 26 August 2015

She moves!

What an exciting day!

This is a video of the first couple of metres it has driven in over a year.
So much excitement and emotion!
She isn't going far though just out to the front of the house, Adrian is finding things that need to be done before we can go very far.
Jess :)


Sunday, 19 April 2015

Melbourne Trip - Part 1

We had been planning to do a big trip to Melbourne in the bus in October 2014 but with the bus not having a diff it looked like it wasn't going to happen at all. We talked about it a lot and prayed about and left it in Gods hands. At the final hour Ad was talking to his friend in Melbourne about what was happening and we that the trip was over for us. A couple of hours later his friend rang back, said he had spoken to his wife and they decided we should come and stay with them.

The next day we packed to car and sorted out what needed to be done. Here is my journal entries for each day, I will add photos and more details underneath.


Left home 6.50am

Stopped at rest area near Aratula for breakfast at 9.30am

Stopped at Warwick for ad to go to the Telstra shop.

Lunch at Omanama rest area. (You can free camp here) 12.30pm (just before Inglewood.)

Stopped at Goondiwindi for fuel. $80.

Narrabri for the night. Bellview motel, $120. Good. Kfc for tea.


We could not have fit more in the car if we tried! Concidering we were supposed to be doing this trip in a bus I think we did pretty well.

We are all ready for our big adventure. It was so last minute we didn't have time to worry about what we were doing, it just happened and it was probably a good thing that it was such a quick decision.

At the rest area at Omanama. The flys were terrible, just about carrying away our lunch! But the boys discovered an old fire truck which added some interest to the day.



Left narrabri 8.30am. Picked up water at Woolies.

Had a break at gilgandra. Nice gallery/museum at the info centre.

Had a coffee and boys had chocolate shakes at The Dish, had late lunch in car park.

Picked up fuel at Parkes, $100. 3.20pm.

Narrandera for the night. Gateway motel, $110. Basic. Pizza from Narrandera Pizzeria for tea, very good.


Gilgandra had a really nice Information Centre, Museum and Gallery all combined. The boys loved looking at the displays in the museum and I was very tempted to buy something in the gallery but the car was too full already.

Across the road was this piece of machinery that entertained the boys for a little while.

The Dish was a huge attraction for us. The boys loved it. And while we were there they turned the dish to a new direction which gave them a thrill. It is much bigger and impressive in real life.
The gardens at the front of the centre are lovely. Lots of things were in flower.
We pulled into a side road after we left the Dish and got some beautiful photos. You can see the dish in the distance if you look closely.

Disclaimer - the boys did plenty of "are we there yet?" And "he hit/touched/looked at me!" Along the way.

I'll be back with part 2 soon.



Friday, 10 April 2015

Drama, drama, drama

Since our last blog post in early October we have had so much drama!

We weren't able to get a diff in the bus for our trip to melbourne and we had given up hope of getting there but by some miracle we actually got down there, but the bus stayed home.

I will tell about the melbourne trip next time.

So what is the go with the bus now?

Well, Adrian is still working on the diff. Finally at the end of December Adrian located an old truck that had a eaton diff that would work for our bus. So we bought the truck and got it bought to us on the back of another truck!

The boys, especially Tyler has loved pulling the truck to bits. Everybody he talks to hears all about it!

Adrian has been able to pull the diff out and has been working on it in our carport, getting it ready to put in the bus.

Hopefully, one day soon we will be able to take her for a spin again.

Adrian has met so many people that have been willing to help us, it has been really unbelievable. We appreciate all the help we have been given.

Bye for now, Jess