Friday, 28 February 2014

We have a window hole

There has been loads of work happening this week!

Adrian is working on one side of the bus at a time. At the moment it is the drivers side that is having the windows done. There is no rust in the frame of the bus, which is a relief because we have seen so many buses get started and then rust is found and it turns into a nightmare.

We have started at the back with the main bedroom framework. And made sure the window would fit....look how small it looks up there! (Not its final position, we are putting it up towards the top more)

Then all the old windows came out.

The next bit of framing for the bunks area was done (I wasn't there to photograph that - might get a pic from the inside later) and some more sheet steel put on and suddenly we have a hole!

And the window looks sooo tiny! It is the smallest you can buy actually but a good size for the bunks and bathroom.

Stay tuned! We seem to be on a roll!

Jess :)


Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Where are we at?

We finally got the bus registered into our name about a month ago and have begun work to fix it up to suit our family needs. The bus was originally set up for two people with the bathroom taking up both sides of the mid bus area so we are combining that into an ensuite style room and bunks on the opposite wall. We have had to work out the basic interior layout so that work on the outside could begin.

We have new motor home windows to go in, the original bus windows leaked and don't allow much airflow. We picked these up last week from Aussie Traveller.

This is one of the bedroom windows - nice and big!

We are in the process of getting steel, the framing steel got picked up yesterday and the sheets should be able to be picked up tomorrow. The work is underway to get the outside looking like a motor home.

The old windows are being taken out. With lots of help from our oldest!

I hope to be able to regularly update the blog now that I have set it up on the ipad, so much easier than the PC!

Bye for now, Jess