Monday, 21 July 2014

What's next?


So it has been a while since we blogged our progress on the bus conversion. A lot has been happening, although to most people it looks like not much at all :)

Sleeps 4
Testing to see if the bathroom door fits

Adrian has finished the frame work for the bathroom and fridge. And he has welded up the rectangle frames for the bunk beds, these will be held in place by the plywood walls.

Sleeps 4
The frames for the bunk beds

The floor has been replaced in the back half of the bus. And insulation has been put in the walls and ceiling, we have used styrofoam sheets and can already feel the difference. I will take pics of this before the finishing sheets go on.

Sleeps 4
Testing a wall sheet to see if it curves around the wall

Last week we picked up the plywood sheets for finishing the walls and ceiling. We also picked up alloy strips for finishing edges along the ceiling.

Sleeps 4
Getting an idea of what the ceiling will look like

There is lots happening and the push is on to have her ready for our first big trip in October!

Bye for now, Adrian and Jess