Tuesday, 9 September 2014


The last week has been full on, working on getting the diff out.

Surprisingly the biggest job was making the wood blocks to support the bus when I jacked it up.

I cut down a spotted gum tree (sorry tree huggers, it was me or the tree) to make the blocks, this took a whole day to do, now it was safe to get under the old girl.

Saturday morning I had to go to town and get a new impact socket set as I needed a 1' 1/4" socket to undo the U bolt nuts, of course other things catch my eye and I came home with a lot of other goodies to go with the socket set.

Eight nuts and two air lines later and it was sitting on the ground only now I had to get it out from under the bus. I used the bobcat to pull it out and all went well.

When I get the other diff (Eaton No 4) I will have to make a few changes so it will fit under and bolt up.


Well it's been two days since I have typed the above and a lot has happened and NOT happened.

This is the story.

The Leys diff is a very high ratio at 6.2 to 1 and on top of that it needs rebuilding.

So I decide to install a Eaton no 4 two speed diff and start to get a few prices, prices range from $1500 to $8000.

A $2,200 one was out at Dalby, Queensland about a 3 hour drive from our home, I was told that it's a very good one and to bring my diff out and exchange them for the $1,500, sounds good?

Well when we got there it was the worst diff I have seen in along time, it looked like someone with a 303 / 30'30 was trying to shoot there way out the back of the diff, the S cam brakes were cut off with a oxy and it just went on.

Very very cheesed off indeed seeing I was told it was all ok to go in the bus.

Over 7 hours driving later I was at a diff repair shop in Caboolture and dropped the original diff off to be rebuilt, looks as if it will be 85 Kmh all the way down to Melbourne.

So we are still planing on going just a bit slower than expected, I am still going to get a better diff when we come back home.

Is this ever going to end?



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